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The Daily Download!
Get your daily dosage of Simpsons downloadable goodness. Today's Download: Lisa: "I am the lizard queen!" (hilarious)(.wav file)

Previous Daily Downloads:

The Original Theme Song!
"Bartman" (image)
Homer in 3D (image)
Homer: "I have to scratch myself in two places at once." (.wav file)
Bart: "Eat My Shorts." (.wav file)
Homer drunk (must have!) (.wav file)
The Simpsons Family (image)
Flander's classic saying (.wav file)

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Go to my gaming homepage.
GAMES! ONline: My new PC gaming page! More than just downloads!
The home page of Amplereality.

Hello Simpsons Fans:
I have now finished both the Homer page and the Family page, and am working on the Other Characters page now. I apologize for the delay but I promise the wait is worth it. Anyway, I expect to have all the pages operating by sometime next week. Please email me with any comments, questions, or Simpsons stuff for me to upload. Thank you.
Last Updated October 29, 1998

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Welcome to the Unofficial Simpsons Download Archive!
Enjoy Your Stay!

     Welcome to the Unofficial Simpsons Download Archive!  This page 
is devoted to the Simpsons TV show, which airs every Sunday night on 
Fox.  I have named this the Unofficial Simpsons Download Archive 
because I intend for this to be the one place where you can get sounds, 
pictures, and information about the Simpsons.  Look for this page to 
be complete by November.  After that I will continue to update it 
about once every two weeks.  Until then, check back every day for a 
Daily Download and news about upcoming Simpsons episodes.
    Please email me with any comments or suggestions you have at  Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.  
Please keep in mind as you view my page: any and all of the sounds, 
pictures, graphics, etc.  related to the Simpsons are the property of 
the Fox Corporation.

Current Simpsons Download Pages:

I have officialy gone to my new format! Please visit the available pages for all Simpsons downloads. The only page not available now is the Assorted Stuff Page. I plan for that to be up and completed by next week. Thank you.

The Homer Simpson Page.
The Simpsons Family Page.
The Other Characters Page.
All Other Assorted Simpsons' Stuff.

I need people to help me keep this page full of new downloads each week by sending me sounds, pics, anything Simpsons related. Please email me with anything you have that I could
put on this page. Thank you.

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Contact Information:

This Page Was Created On September 8, 1998
This Page Was Last Updated On October 29, 1998

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